I will be honest; I have never really had a problem meeting anyone of the opposite sex. So why would I test out online dating you might ask? For the lack a better reason, because I had nothing to lose by doing so. So I fired up the computer and away I went.

The worst part about online dating is the fact that you have to answer so many questions about yourself before you even get to start searching for a date! It must have taken me two hours to fill out my profile and answer all of the required questions. Apparently this information is needed so the site can find a match for me.

Well it didn't take too long before a match was sent to my email account, to which I logged in and observed. I was not sure what to expect when I clicked on the profile photo of the suggested woman, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good looking she was. I immediately sent her a message and sparked up a conversation. It was not long before I received a message back.

After a week or so of messaging back and forth on the site, we both agreed to meet for lunch at a local restaurant. Being the gentleman I am I let her pick the spot and well of course it was a very nice but expensive restaurant in the downtown area. Now I am not poor or cheap by any means but I was not all that thrilled about buying lunch for someone I did not know. Shortly after thinking about how to get out of paying for her meal, I received a message from her stating that she felt it would be a good idea if we paid for our own drinks and meal, which I quickly agreed to. We had a great, but expensive lunch, and a very expensive bottle of wine. When we had finished eating and were ready to leave we asked for our bill. The waiter smiled and told us that an older gentleman that was eating across the room picked up the tab because he loved seeing young couples in love. It was a perfect date with free lunch.